Below screenshots are all taken from people who have kindly agreed to share their results with me. Undoubtedly with more African 23andme test results you might see different or additional patterns. Still i think in most cases these screenshots below would be representative to some degree for how other people from their nationality or ethnic group would score hypothetically speaking. Hopefully it will be fixed with the next update. Interestingly the last two being exceptions. Most likely because of some additional minor ancestry from the Middle East and South Asia dating from within the last years. Among Rwandans and Kenyans there are some high outliers, higher even than the Ethiopian ones! Tanzanians also show considerable scores, with the Sudan and Ugandan results somewhere in between. Again much of the variation will also be depending on ethnic background and deep ancestry aside from just nationality or geography. This might actually also include a few ethnic groups who might have undergone a language shift and are now speaking a Bantu or Afro-Asiatic Amhara etc.

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Neighbouring Kenya supplies the vast majority of visitors to Tanzania, many of whom visit the country on short day trips. By the early s, tourism accounted for almost one-fifth of the gross domestic product, while the services sector on the whole accounted for almost two-fifths. African elephants in the area surrounding Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.

Gay Tanzanians are living in fear after Paul Makonda, regional commissioner for Dar es Salaam, asked the public on October 29 to name gay individuals — as well as anyone suspected of being gay.

So far, most Tanzanians feel satisfied with his performance. A survey commissioned by Mwananchi Communications Ltd MCL shows that an overwhelming majority of Tanzanians have given the thumbs up to their President. His words and actions, from the day he was sworn in to succeed the former President Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, have impressed many people. He has taken into office with gusto, and has lived the spirit of his campaign in a true fashion. Having emerged victorious from the bruising battle with a bolstered opposition, the President has demonstrated that he is keen to deliver on his promises.

Since being sworn in as Tanzania’s president on November 5, John Magufuli has been cracking down on corruption and wasteful spending, which are problems that continue to plague many African nations. Patients who needed to undergo testing had to pay exorbitant fees for the services at private hospitals. The President expressed concern over the laxity of the management to fix the machines, which had not been working for three months. The President appointed a new management led by Prof.

In response, a brand new CT scan apparatus was recently installed. President Magufuli has conducted a number of reforms including reducing the size of his cabinet from 60 to only 34 members. He has also instituted strict controls in financial management among public servants by banning all but important foreign trips, which should be sanctioned by his office. He has also barred fancy national parties, which used to be a source of ill-gotten money by government officials.

Magufuli himself participated in these efforts by personally cleaning up the rubbish outside of the state house.


One person in front seat of car now positively identified by relatives as Walter Rodney died. Eye witness reports say that one other person, the driver, was seen running from car. CANA quotes a spokesman at Rodney’s home as saying “They the family had heard from his brother Edward who was in the car with the brilliant historian when the bomb went off.

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Burundi Burundian cuisine is flavoursome and mostly vegetable-based, with beef, mutton and goat meat being consumed sparingly. Staples in Burundian cuisine include red kidney beans, banana, plantain, sweet potato, cassava, peas and maize. It can also be made with dried fish, but locals prefer it with fresh fish. Bugali is a staple that is made from cassava root powder. It accompanies most dishes such as ndagaa. Another popular dish is renga renga, which is a potato leaf stew with peanuts, tomato, salt and oil.

After dating Diamond, Zari Hassan trolls Tanzanians saying they do not know English

Tanzania offers , sq km , sq miles of natural and unspoilt eco systems. This makes it the finest safari destination in Africa. Which country offers you the cradle of mankind, the tallest mountain in Africa, one of the worlds largest natural eco systems and animal migrations, and the most famous historical spice island? Tanzania hosts an array of these world renowned attractions from the Ol Dupai Gorge, to the Serengeti and wildebeest migration, to Kilimanjaro, the tallest free standing mountain in the world, to the archipelago of Zanzibar.

It is estimated that 20 percent of the large mammal population in Africa is found in Tanzania not to mention the varieties of bird species and plant life.

Tanzanians love music and dancing, storytelling, and socializing at coffee houses and at home. Visiting friends is an important social custom. Young people with spare time enjoy checkers and cards. On the coast, people play mbao, a board game that uses small stones.

It is said that the mainland portion of what is now Tanzania was named by a British civil servant in , from the Swahili words tanga sail and nyika bright arid plain. In , Tanganyika was joined with Zanzibar, an offshore archipelago of islands, to form the present United Republic of Tanzania. Because of a unique combination of historic and cultural factors, Tanzanians share strong feelings of national pride and cohesion. This sense of nationalism has served to keep the country at peace for over two decades, while most of its neighbors have been involved intermittently in catastrophically destructive civil and cross-border wars.

Tanzanians have been able to resolve most internal problems without resorting to violence because of a shared language, the lack of political or economic dominance by any ethnic group, and the strong leadership provided by Julius Nyerere — , the first president of Tanzania. At the same time, however, repressive, corrupting influences emanating from the colonial, socialist, and capitalist eras have fostered among many Tanzanians an attitude of dependency and fatalistic resignation that helps keep the country one of the poorest in the world.

Covering approximately , square miles , square kilometers —an area about one and one-half times the size of Texas, Tanzania lies on the east coast of Africa, just south of the equator. Tanzania also shares three great lakes—Victoria, Tanganyika, and Malawi—with its neighbors.

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Tanzania An academic and a director have teamed up to produce a moving feature-length film highlighting the everyday struggles of women living with HIV in Tanzania , in which two thirds of the cast are HIV positive. The East-African nation has made major inroads in tackling the HIV epidemic over the last decade, with an extensive roll out of free antiretroviral treatment, but 1. The burden is highest among women, with 5. Global summary of HIV The film is set in the small village of Miono in the north east of the country and more than 65 per cent of the cast are HIV positive.

Pili, fearful of sharing her HIV-positive status with friends, struggles to raise enough money to open a market kiosk while also looking after her children and her health. The story, which was written following interviews with over 80 women about their experiences, follows the tough choices Pili is forced to make as she tries to improve her life.

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The flag consists of a black diagonal stripe running from the lower left corner to the upper right corner, flanked by yellow stripes. The diagonal stripes separate two triangular areas: The Tanzanian shilling Sh of cents is a paper currency. There are coins of 5, 10, 20, and 50 cents and 1, 5, 10, and 20 shillings, and notes of 10, 20, 50, , , , and 1, shillings. The metric system is used. It contains a total area of , sq km , sq mi , including 59, sq km 22, sq mi of inland water.

Comparatively, the area occupied by Tanzania is slightly larger than twice the size of the state of California. It is bounded on the n by Uganda and Kenya , on the e by the Indian Ocean, on the s by Mozambique and Malawi, on the sw by Zambia , and on the w by Zaire, Burundi , and Rwanda , with a total boundary length of 4, km 2, mi , of which 1, km mi is coastline. Tanzania claims part of Lake Malawi, although its internationally recognized boundary is the eastern shore. The section of the United Republic known as Zanzibar comprises the islands of Zanzibar and Pemba and all islets within 19 km 12 mi of their coasts, as well as uninhabited Latham Island, 58 km 36 mi south of Zanzibar Island.

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Its seeds were sown as early as soon after the coup that brought Amin to power. The relation between Uganda and Tanzania started going bad because Tanzania played host to more than 20, Ugandan exiles, according to documents in the TPDF museum. The first attempt by Uganda exiles to overthrow Amin was on September 17, when a convoy of 77 trucks full of armed Ugandan exiles crossed into Uganda from Tanzania with the sole purpose of capturing Masaka and Mbarara towns.

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We are planning to apply at a University in Dodoma. Hoping for your favorable response. Nemilyn Fadchar on February 23, at 5: Dodoma by the way is quite far from the business capital Dar es salaam, where most Filipinos are staying. Maybe you could ask the University itself as to how much they could offer for an expatriate. It would be nice if you could work here as a professor. There is also one university here in Dar es salaam, quite big like UP maybe you could check that one also.

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Opinion: Tanzanians are finally paying taxes for the good of the country

But, as my demographic research shows, Magufuli is not the only world leader questioning longstanding population control policies. His administration garnered early popular support in the East African nation for dismissing corrupt public officials and reorienting government spending, particularly toward anti-cholera operations and other public health services. But he has also made undemocratic moves , shutting down newspapers critical of his administration and undermining judicial independence.

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It is a politically safe country with a high Muslim population and the people are said to be extremely friendly and welcoming of strangers. Most people here do not have clean water and live in sub standard flimsy homes. Like in many African societies, women here suffer from discrimination and other customary law. They have many rights however the lack of education prevents them from expressing them. Tanzania women are gorgeous and it is unfortunate that their financial and social statuses prevent them from excelling at a faster pace.

Here are some more things about beautiful Tanzanian women: They are tall, thin, with high cheekbones, and have strong hair. Their styles differ from region and religion. These women are usually conservatively dressed. Their knees are always covered and bright colors are preferred. They wear head coverings and few wear veils. These women are certainly feminine and make sure to always look their best under the circumstances. Take a look at these beautiful Tanzanian women:

Tanzanian president bluntly attacks contraception, saying high birth rates are good for economy

Tanzanians are finally paying taxes for the good of the country It looks as if Tanzania’s push to get its citizens and foreign investors to pay more taxes and reduce donor dependency is working, writes Anaclet Rwegayura. Tanzania’s Finance Minister, Philip Mpango, admits that he is committed to his job but hates one aspect — negotiating with donors for development aid. The minister’s message to people queued to pay property tax was clear. The Tanzanian government yearns to put an end to its donor dependency.

Every year since independence 55 years ago, the country’s budget has banked on donors.

The main languages spoken today are Swahili, Arabic and English, and trade between the Arab traders and the coastal Tanzanians dates back to the first century BC. including the exquisite Zanzibari doors with Arabic-Indian influences dating back centuries. In days gone by, the door would be the first part of the house to be erected; the.

For in-the-know locals and travelers alike, the downtown area is a place to linger and shop in a city known as a quick layover to safari destinations. Shanga A social enterprise and destination for design lovers, Shanga sells handicrafts made by Tanzanians with disabilities. These artisans produce an expansive range of goods such as drinking and wine glasses made with recycled colored glass, woven cotton shawls and place mats and decorative metal objects.

Their works range from delicate to dramatic, but beadwork is a common thread among the pieces — a slender cream bead bracelet was recently for sale, for example, but so was a thick cuff with bright red, blue and green beads. On Tuesday, market day, the women come from the countryside to display their talents on the lawn just outside the boutique.

A trip to this lush 1, acre coffee farm, built around , is well worth it to learn about the pride Tanzanians take in their high-quality coffee production. Expect eye catching wares such as lampshades made of cowhides, beaded candle holders, handwoven table linens and wooden footstools adorned with bright, patterned fabrics. Five Places to Shop in Arusha, Tanzania. Shanga is a destination for design lovers in downtown Arusha, selling goods made by Tanzanians with disabilities.

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