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That includes the devices and software that support electronic literature, and other related issues. And so, good reading! Previously, making copies of media was illegal. Today, those laws officially go into effect. AMZN brings Kindle devices to the country. The e-books market in the country may almost double this year to as much as 1 billion rubles… Digital content sales platform Gumroad is launching an iOS app today to help authors and other content creators sell their work directly to consumers. The new iPhone app allows users to create custom mobile libraries of digital content purchased through Gumroad. Gumroad currently offers 35, ebooks and digital comics in addition to 8, movies and 15, music products… THE lost works of Scottish authors including James Hogg, Neil Munro and Robert Louis Stevenson are being resurrected by the company behind e-books for the biggest names in contemporary publishing.

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After the death of King Solomon c. Initially its capital was Tirzah until the time of King Omri c. After an assault of three years, the city fell and much of its population was taken into captivity and deported. Over time, the region has been controlled by numerous different civilizations, including Israelites , Babylonians , the classical Persian Empire , Ancient Greeks , Romans , Byzantines , Arabs , Crusaders , and Ottoman Turks. Philip went down to the city of Samaria and preached and healed the sick there.

Samaria occupied the centre of Iudaea John 4:

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Open bars for orangutans or dashed lines for modern humans with question marks? Interior Borneo and North Borneo are represented separately due to differing human histories. The negative impact of human hunting on remaining orangutan populations probably increased during the colonial period, beginning in the 18th century 10 , At this time, guns generally became more readily available, and the suppression of headhunting made travel and use of forested areas more feasible for local people, increasing hunting pressure in these areas.

In some regions, orangutan skulls were sought as replacements for the human skulls that were no longer available for headhunting rituals There is also documentation of the trade in live orangutans and orangutan body parts beginning at this time and historical commentary that remarks on the disappearance and range contractions of the orangutan in the 18th and 19th century A recent analysis found that, since the colonial period, encounter rates with Bornean orangutans have dropped approximately sixfold Given that this occurred even in areas with little forest disturbance and that there is no evidence to suggest alternative explanations for example, disease , it is plausible that reduced densities in at least some populations of present-day orangutans are the result of hunting It is also possible that localized patterns of current orangutan distribution reflect human hunting.


Dort wurde das Teil skelett eines Neandertalers gefunden, benannt Neandertal 1. Zeitweise wurde der Neandertaler nicht als eigene Art , sondern als Unterart von Homo sapiens angesehen und deshalb als Homo sapiens neanderthalensis bezeichnet, der anatomisch moderne Mensch als Homo sapiens sapiens. Nachweis von Genfluss zum Neandertaler ein Homo erectus. Neandertal 1 Mitte August entdeckten italienische Steinbrucharbeiter in einem kurz darauf dem Kalksteinabbau zum Opfer gefallenen Abschnitt des Neandertals einige Knochenfragmente.

Durch Presseberichte aufmerksam geworden, begutachtete auch der Bonner Anatom Hermann Schaaffhausen die Knochen und kam zu demselben Ergebnis wie zuvor bereits Fuhlrott:

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This study tries to find an optimal strategy for sampling, for both biochronology and high-precision U—Pb analysis of zircon from ash beds, and for the selection and statistical treatment of geochronological data. This strategy is applied to the case of the Early—Middle Triassic boundary EMTB in the southern Nanpanjiang Basin in South China, aiming to obtain the most accurate age information for this boundary with an associated uncertainty. The EMTB has been located in a sedimentary section near Monggan, Guangxi, South China, which permitted tight correlation between conodont biozones, the carbon isotopic record, and high-precision zircon U—Pb data from volcanic ashes.

Two residual maximal horizons were defined using characteristic associations of conodont species, accurately bracketing the EMTB. The lower and upper age limits of these horizons, as well as the first occurrence FO of the base Middle Triassic index fossil Chiosella timorensis, were numerically calibrated by high-precision chemical abrasion, isotope dilution, thermal ionization mass spectrometry CA-ID-TIMS U—Pb dates.

A sufficiently high number of closely spaced ash samples N and of U—Pb analyses per sample n promotes recognition of such complications. The statistical treatment of the combined datasets allows quantification of the lower and upper limits and associated uncertainties of the two conodont biozones as well as of the FO of C.


Recent advances in biogeography: Integrating micro- and macro-evolutionary perspectives on heterostyly: Reproductive barriers and hybridization between co-flowering heterostylous primroses: Biology17, Bern Switzerland ; February Reproductive barriers between heterostylous primroses.

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Formation and Interaction, Conference May , This major international conference explores the fundamental research problem defined so clearly by Wellhausen over a century ago. The primary focus will be the formation of the Pentateuch and its dynamic interaction with both the prophetic corpus and the historiographic literature of the Hebrew Bible.

Particular attention will be paid to crucial methodological issues such as the problem of narrative continuity in the ancient world, linguistic dating of biblical texts, the significance of archaeology and historical geography, and the relevance of Second Temple literature for understanding the formation of the Pentateuch. The conference, which features several interactive workshop sessions, is structured to encourage significant time for discussion among participants Organizers Jan Christian Gertz Heidelberg University Bernard M.

There are vital traditions about Jeremiah within as well as outside of the book that bears his name. Accordingly, the conference will take into account the history of recension and the growth of tradition — biblical and para-biblical — as aspects of the expansion of earlier sources within and beyond the book of Jeremiah. Thus, our proposed conference and volume of proceedings include but also move beyond a discussion of the literary growth of the book of Jeremiah.


Dissertations Software Maintenance and Evolution Software maintenance is a substantial part in the life-cycle of a software system. It seems obvious, therefore, that we need effective techniques and tools to support these activities to save costs and personnel resources in development and testing. In this course, students will learn the foundations of software evolution and maintenance.

This includes successful but aged software systems i.

Licentiate in General Linguistics (with minor subjects Arabic and German Linguistics), University of Zurich. PhD in Arabic literature and liguistics, Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies, University of .

Dort wurde das Teil skelett eines Neandertalers gefunden. Zeitweise wurde der Neandertaler nicht als eigene Art , sondern als Unterart von Homo sapiens angesehen und deshalb als Homo sapiens neanderthalensis bezeichnet, der anatomisch moderne Mensch als Homo sapiens sapiens. Es handele sich um eine vorzeitliche Form des modernen Menschen. Ihre Interpretation wurde jedoch vom Fachpublikum nicht geteilt. Weitere Fundorte Fossilfunde von Homo heidelbergensis bzw.

Daher werden in den Fachpublikationen unterschiedliche Datierungen ausgewiesen. Dies war lange vor dem glazialen Maximum der letzten Kaltzeit, das vor rund Diese umstrittenen Datierungen betreffen Funde aus Arcy-sur-Cure Der Mastoid-Knochen ist eine Knochenstruktur, die bei Neandertalern im Vergleich zum modernen Menschen klein hinter und unter dem Ohrkanal vorspringt.

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Phylogeny and phylogeography of Primula sect. Phylogenetic studies in Apocynaceae; with M. Diversification of Thunbergioideae Acanthaceaea ; with J.

The investigation generally focuses at dating selected Alpine sites of distinct landform surfaces with several absolute and relative methods with the aim to establish an absolute chronology of surfaces, to correlate several dating methods and to improve every ones.

Nour [Abstract] Child marriage is a human rights violation that prevents girls from obtaining an education, enjoying optimal health, bonding with others their own age, maturing, and ultimately choosing their own life partners. A year-old Yemeni girl died of internal injuries four days after a family-arranged marriage to a man almost twice her age, a human rights group said.

Yemen once set 15 as the minimum age for marriage, but parliament annulled that law in the s, saying parents should decide when a daughter marries. Child bride, 13, dies of internal injuries four days after arranged marriage in Yemen. In der Ehe finden sexuelle Handlungen statt. Niemand, erst recht nicht ein Kind, darf zur Ehe gezwungen werden. Vollzug der Ehe ermuntert werden und sexuelle Handlungen mit Erwachsenen sind gerade kein kindliches Selbstbestimmungsrecht.

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All documented early Vulcan writing was logographic. Like Chinese characters or Egyptian hieroglyphs of Terra, individual words were originally represented by discrete symbols. This is the case for the ancestry of both of the two primary surviving traditions. They can be thought of as iconographic—a front-end visual simplicity representing a rich, more complex history and meaning in the background.

The Book of Genesis and Book of Exodus describe a period of Hebrew servitude in ancient Egypt, during decades of sojourn in Egypt, the escape of well over a million Israelites from the Delta, and the three-month journey through the wilderness to Sinai. Israelites first appear in the archeological record on the Merneptah Stele from between BCE at the end of the Bronze Age.

Der Bundesrat will die entsprechende Vorlage im Oktober in die Vernehmlassung senden. Elektronischer Zahlungsverkehr hin, Online-Shopping her: Dabei wurden bei allen relevanten Akteuren des Schweizer Gesundheitswesens Datenvolumina, -verkehr und -verwendung pro Fall bzw. Parallel dazu wurden statistische Daten zu Fallzahlen, Nutzerverhalten und allgemein zum Gesundheitssystem verarbeitet.

Abschliessend wurden die gewonnenen Erkenntnisse von Fachleuten validiert. Damit sinkt auch der administrative Aufwand, was letztlich Kosten spart.

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These included Herbert J. Maletz of Staten Island, N. Many other people helped and contributed material to the site, including Herbert Maletz’s brother Leonard Maletz of Massachusetts and Florida who died 18 June , and David Waldshan. The site was initially was hosted at www. With subscription funds the site’s creators managed to finance research in Belarussian archives and build up a good collection of material from the entire Pruzhany district, including Shershev.

Highlights include “revision lists” a sort of census record and a number of memoirs.

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For this purpose, SJMM has compiled a dataset of job openings in the Swiss economy dating back to The dataset is based on representative samples of job advertisements drawn from all advertising channels that are relevant at the given time. In , the project switched from its original retrospective survey design to a fully compatible prospective monitoring of the job market that also covers online advertising media.

In addition, the initial limitation of the ad survey to German-speaking Switzerland was expanded to cover all of Switzerland from on. In the course of the ad survey, the complete ad text is first recorded to enable text-based as well as qualitative analyses of the development of job openings. Second, the information provided in the job ads on the requirements and characteristics of the job openings, the person wanted, and the business placing the job ad are recorded and prepared for quantitative statistical analyses.

The database created in this manner thus opens a multitude of new opportunities for qualitative and quantitative social scientific analyses of both long-term and current trends in the Swiss labor market.

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Wij nemen de privacy van persoonsgegevens zeer serieus. Uw persoonlijke gegevens worden uitsluitend gebruikt voor toezending van de nieuwsbrief en desgewenst relevante informatie. Eenieder heeft recht op bescherming tegen de ongebreidelde vergaring, bewerking en verspreiding van zijn persoonsgegevens.

In online markets; which include auctions, ride-sharing, online dating, advertising, and other applications; a market maker aims to provide a market mechanism that achieves good market outcomes even under the expectation of strategization on the part of the participants in the market.

David Matley New media are arenas in which new social and cultural practices emerge and existing practices are transformed. Social media in particular have led to a renegotiation of discourses connected to issues such as death and mourning funeral selfies, online memorials , sexuality sexting, dating apps , the body pro-anorexia sites, breastfeeding selfies and, more broadly, to the overall presentation of the self in everyday life.

Furthermore, through their participatory nature, online media have the potential to subvert organisational structures, establish new norms of sociability and create convergence between existing media forms. This colloquium addressed issues connected to culture online and the broad affordances and constraints digital media offer for identity, community and power. It introduced students to concepts, methodologies and tools from linguistics, cultural studies and visual analysis, and showed how they can be applied to a range of case studies.

In addition to gaining analytical skills, I hope that the students also gained an understanding of the new media and cultural literacies that digital media production requires. The presentations below represent the students’ independent research work on a range of topics connected to culture online.


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