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Sealed packet of 38 revolver cartridges. This packet has the instruction for the saving of the spent shells for reloading. New Item Email Price: This piece is dated SN PF broad arrow marked complete with matching serial number scabbard and fitted with correct Olive d Sold Item Description: German WW2 98K bayonet. This little revolver does not appear to have been used at all outside of the factory test-fire, and retains virtually all of th The cartridges are the typical high qua This is a complete sight and mount assembly for the Winchester Model 52, and features: The cartridges show a head stamp 11 6 C for Cordite not black powder.

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Curtis A site devoted to research for an upcoming book. If you have information to contribute, please use our survey form! We have a 23 minute video of the Otteman Collection , which shows an overview of the Model 2 Army.

Smith & Wesson Safety Hammerless – The Smith & Wesson Safety Hammerless or Smith & Wesson New Departure is a double-action revolver that was produced from to by Smith & Wesson. The revolver incorporated an internal hammer and a grip safety on its backstrap.

This guide will be a bit more focused in its target audience, however. It is aimed at the discriminating customer who wants that special pistol or two in his or her collection and is pondering the differences of each model. What qualifies as high end and exotic? What it means to me, first and foremost, is build quality, parts quality, and execution. Its also about performance, meaning inherent mechanical accuracy, trigger quality, ergonomics, etc.

Likewise, there are many expensive pistols that I would not call high end and there are many rare pistols that are far more obscure than they are truly exotic. I mentioned that this guide would be focused in its approach.

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Liked Times in 11 Posts For new members looking for date of manufacture info how to find your serial number For new members looking for date of manufacture information, we need your serial number. Sometimes the serial number location can be confusing. Revolvers are often stamped or etched with many numbers, but only one set is your serial number. For modern Smith and Wesson revolvers, the serial number is located on the butt of the revolver.

Smith and Wesson Model 27 Classic Engraved w\ box New model Smith 27 Factory engraved (machine engraved) Model 27, SKU \2″ barrel, 6 shot Grips are engraved as well, and are modern slim profile Has hillary hole Looks unfired but has a slight ring on cylinder from handling Small scr.

It was born in the mid ‘s in a post-war era in which quality was already starting to fall from the heights that American gun making had attained in the ‘s and 40’s. Going against the grain of fast, mass production firearms made of stamped and fabricated parts and “Space Age” plastics and aluminum, the Python was intended to be the finest revolver ever made in America, and it met that goal. Each was the top quality revolver made by the respective companies. These were intended to be the most accurate and high quality double action revolver made and in the day when the double action revolver was King of the pistol matches, the Colt held all the records.

Colt’s top West Coast salesman at that time was Bill Henry. In he was convinced that Colt should make a new “Super target revolver” that would outclass anything ever conceived before in both quality and accuracy. For years, top shooters had been modifying the Officer’s Model revolvers with custom vented ribs on the barrel to add more forward weight to the barrel, and having custom altered hammers that were longer and wider for easier cocking.

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As a writer I’ve spread a lot of ink discussing both of these types and as a shooter I’ve run thousands of bullets down the barrels of slick shootin’ Smith sixguns and fast-firing defensive pistols. All of these handguns are guns that I would label high exposure. They are seen at target ranges, in the hunting field, worn openly on the belt of peace officers, as well as campers, hikers, fisherman, in fact, all types of sportsmen.

Larger calibers are carried for more serious purposes such as hunting and law enforcement. These are the guns carried concealed by civilians and peace officers alike.

The following information comes from Smith & Wesson Hand Guns by Roy C. McHenry and Walter F. & Wesson Hand Guns is also available to purchase in print.. MODEL NO. 2—Old Model. 32 Caliber, rim fire cartridge. 76, manufactured from June,

Even though Springfield Armory used a two-piece firing pin and other slight design alterations, the was in fact a Mauser design and this resulted in the U. By January, over , rifles produced. Due to inconsistent heat treatments, low numbered receivers Springfield Armory below , and Rock Island Arsenal below , should NEVER be fired under any circumstances because of the risk of serious injury or death.

Toward the end of WWI. A cut in the left side of the receiver and stock were added to accommodate the Pederson Device semi-auto. The M A2 is a stripped A1 or A3 used as a sub- caliber rifle in artillery pieces. The Springfield is “officially” replaced by the M1 Garand. In September, Remington began production of the M with serial number 3, , Milled parts marked with an “R” were replaced with stamped parts at about serial number 3, ,

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Ah, but should you? The release latch is moderately flared on its top and left side, providing the shooter with an extra bit of purchase while unlatching the cylinder. The release is truncated on the right side and chopped on the right to accommodate the laser. In short, the design looks like an afterthought. The balances well in the hand.

The sights were atrocious.

The Nirbheek Pistol has a long and noble lineage dating back to Its essential design is based on the Smith & Wesson No. 3 ‘Schofield’, chambered for the mighty center-fire cartridge. Rosewood grips, a red CeraKote-finished alloy frame and an engraved, .

The Model 34 is constructed of steel and has a beautiful blued finish. It is a double action revolver with a barrel length of 2 inches and an unloaded weight of 22 ounces. The revolver utilizes a 0. While nearly mechanically identical with its larger frame brothers, the Model 34 uses a coil spring rather then a leaf mainspring. The revolver is also pinned and recessed. The revolver was changed to a J frame and given the Model 34 name designation in Seen here with a 2 inch barrel which first became an option in , this revolver model was also offered in a 4 inch barrel version.

Other options included a round or square butt and a nickel or blue finish.

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Click on any thumbnail for a larger image. Early – Early – Early date Harpers Ferry. This musket is out of the local area, and was nearly surely “C. After the Civil War was over the musket was brought home, and “sporterized” for hunting and feeding the family.

Kingwood – once known as Prince- or Princesswood – is an incredibly dense, very hard, classic furniture hardwood. You’ll find centuries-old examples of Kingwood in fine furniture and small turned items dating back to the s.

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Louisiana Welcome to The High Road. The front sight changed from a half moon shape to a ramp in The upper sideplate screw was discontinued in

Smith & Wesson Model 15 with factory Magna slimline grips Special The Smith & Wesson Model 15 “Combat Masterpiece” was in common use with police .

Superstar of the Old West, Hollywood, and beyond. You’ve seen them in the TV Westerns and on the big screen. They are such a major part of our history and culture that many of us may just take them for granted and hardly notice any more. That’s not just a figure of speech, but an actual allusion to the frontier six shooter that settled us from the lawlessness of the late 19th century into these modern times. If you’ve been to New Mexico in recent times, you’ll notice that it’s a lot safer and more mild than it was in the s, when lawless violence was commonplace.

That’s why it’s nicknamed the “Peacemaker. As Samuel Colt used to say; “God made them all. Colt makes them equal. The most favored among collectors are the “first generation” SAA revolvers. These Colts are identified by serial number, and associated with the inspectors names. Ainsworth, or the “Nettleton” Colt. It is still made even now, especially since the increased popularity of shooter action clubs and quick-draw competitions.

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Our argument was a loss in the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals yesterday. But this is NOT over. Ruling of the 5th Circuit: Federal laws that include 18 U. In a suit brought by Fredric Russell Mance, Jr.

Aug 12,  · Smith and Wesson Model 46 S&W made four thousand of these back in the early ‘s. The Model 46 started out life with plastic grips and a brushed finish in contrast to the polished blue finish and wood target grips sported by the Model

A lot of us on the forum really enjoy helping folks identify and age firearms. People often come here with an old inherited revolver and would like to know more about it, when it was made, history, etc. Always interesting, sometimes, these threads reveal hidden gems and treasures. To help us help you, please use as many of the following guidelines as possible: Details, Details, Details — Give us as much information as possible.

How many shots, swing out cylinder, top break, etc.? How long is the barrel measured from the end of the cylinder to the tip of the barrel? Is it blued, stainless, nickel? Photos obviously are best but some details are not in photos. Serial Number — Give us the serial number. You can X out the last digit or two but this is critical in dating the gun. Model Number — On revolvers made post , the model number is located on the inner frame, under the forcing cone of the barrel when the cylinder is open.

This also helps with ID and dating.

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Authored by Staff Writer. The revolver was the primary side arm in most every major world army during the mid-to-late s and into the s and this proved no different to the US Army when it entered World War 1 However, when the United States government committed to war in Europe during , it found itself lacking much of the modern tools of the trade then available. Local industry did ramp up to help offset requirements and foreign purchases assisted in stocking the American inventory.

While John Browning’s excellent Colt M semi-automatic pistol was selected to replace the revolver as the standard American military sidearm prior to the war, it was not available in the required numbers of wartime and the revolver continued to help fill the gap for the near future.

Dating smith wesson serial number 44 american caliber revolver: looking for a s w model 10, grips dated jan But if i can’t find anything on the last patent date: on your.

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