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According to Trunks, he was the result of a brief affair between the two and they never married, even though his mother loved his father. He is also from an alternate future timeline , one in which the Earth is continually terrorized by the evil Android 17 and Android By the time we are introduced to the pair of Androids , over three fourths of the world’s population has been eliminated by them during their spree of destruction. In this future, Future Gohan and Future Trunks are weaker versions of themselves without the training of the experienced Z Fighters later on. In this timeline , Goku dies of a heart disease six months before the Androids arrive, leaving the Z Fighters without one of their greatest heroes. Trunks’ father Vegeta and all of the heroes of Earth except Gohan are defeated, with the Androids easily outclassing them in power since they were both built to be more powerful than Goku. Subsequently, Trunks was raised by his mother and occassionally Gohan, who acted as a big brother figure to the boy. Trunks was always curious about his father and his mother hardly spoke of him, so he asked Gohan to describe himfor him. By the time he is years-old, Trunks is desperate to defend the Earth and become a warrior to defeat the Adroids.

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Sakura and Kokorio are alone near mountain. Sakura yawns than leans back into Kokorio. Kokorio wraps his arms around Sakura. Vegeta is spying from high above. A few minutes later Vegeta gets annoyed and goes home.

The relationship between Bulma and Vegeta is a particularly glaring example, yet at the same time a relatively beloved one – Their relationship had so little buildup, and came so out of nowhere (they had very little interaction prior, and Vegeta was an alien prince who had murdered a good chunk of her friends, including her first boyfriend, and.

F A Q ‘ S Please note that many of the following questions contain personal opinions and may not be completely accurate. I noticed that these questions regarding Bulma and Vegeta come up a lot and thought I’d try my hand at answering them. Just how did Bulma and Vegeta get together? Ah, one of the great mysteries of the universe, this topic has been explored by hundreds of fanfiction writers everywhere.

The coming together of Bulma and Vegeta is never actually shown in the Anime or Manga; it is left up to the viewer’s imagination. All that is known is that sometime in the three years before the androids attack, they get together long enough to conceive Trunks. Mirai Trunks tells Goku that Bulma and Yaumcha broke up and out of passion and loneliness Bulma and Vegeta got together.

Did Yaumcha ever cheat on Bulma? There are people who say he did and others who say he didn’t, and I doubt that there will be a resolution anytime soon. Yaumcha is NOT a rapist, woman beater or drunk. Neither is Bulma a meek little angel who would sit back and take that kind of crap. In the beginning of DBZ, Bulma talks about Yaumcha and another woman when she and Krillin go and pick him up from his baseball game.

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-Vegeta – “Bulma, never EVER invite that Serena to our house for Thanksgiving dinner again! That meatball-head practically ate us out of house and home!” -Ben Stein – “Welcome back to Win My – .

Im starting to lose my tan! Goten shame on you! And what do you suppose that is? Because Im the son of the devil? Yeah, thats a good story, what else? What the hell do you know you fat, sweaty Mongoloid? Dad, what does the birds and the bees have to do with babies? Well son, the birds tweet and the bees buzz. But what has that got to do with it? Uuuhh, go ask your mother. Man, my tail itches. But papa, you dont have a tail.

I uuhh, forgot, yeah, thats it! Vegeta, I am your father -Chibi Vegeta:


Under the watchful but stern eye their sensei Gohan, Chibbi Trunks had just finished his martial arts training with his best friend Goten and decided to stay and play fight with Goten for a while. But before he knew it a couple hours had pasted Trunks stopped fighting when he noticed the setting sun. Trunks knew that if he was late for dinner again, he was going to get punished by his father. He recalled the last time he was late as he flew home at top speed. And what is so important that you cannot even make it to dinner on time?!

Jul 22,  · Giving the luckworm reaction for Dragon Ball GT, I could stepping in a hornet nest asking for a new Dragon Ball series, but here goes, I heard that Toriyami admits that .

Sat Oct 25, 5: Last edited by Lord Beerus on Thu Sep 03, 9: View Akira Toriyama wrote: Drawing Dragon Ball again reminded me of two things–how much I love it, and how much I never want to do it again. And if you’re upset because all this new material completely invalidates the tabletop RPG rulebook-sized statistical system and flowchart for the characters’ “canonical Power Levels” that you’d been working on painstakingly for the last bunch of years now Goodness, they wrote idiotic drivel in a children’s cartoon meant to advertise toys!?


Also, considering Vegeta’s attitude, he would not have the patience to endure such an ceremony. From Dragon Ball Wiki After approximately a year since Future Trunks’ warning about the Androids, Bulma breaks up with Yamcha and becomes romantically involved with Vegeta, ultimately leading to the conception of Trunks.

However, even the birth of their son was not enough to bring the two together, as of that time Vegeta prioritized his rivalry with Goku before anything else, even his relationship with Bulma.

Summery: Goku, Vegeta, Bulma, and Chichi go on a vacation from their busy lives yet on this vacation Bulma comes up with a plan to break Chichi and Goku’s relationship up so Vegeta can have Goku yet what she does not know that Vegeta is planing the same thing.

Lord Slug Abridged This exchange between Lord Slug prior to having his youth restored and an underling. But it’s hot as balls! Alright, what’s your gimmick? Yeah, like the last guys, they were all misfit minions and crap, what’re you? We’re just here for your planet. Though if I had to choose, I’d say I’m the pretty one.

If you had only 2 options, would you rather choose Goku or Vegeta

This man is beloved, and rules another’s soul. A bystander turns to another and says, “What does she see in him? Ugly Guy, Hot Wife may inspire it. In Single Woman Seeks Good Man , likely to be said by less mature characters than the woman; in All Girls Want Bad Boys , the characters who say it are prone to have a better view than the girl, who is prone to dismiss it with You’re Just Jealous.

At the start of the saga Vegeta only enter the tournament because he wanted to fight Gohan, but in the moment Goku announced he was coming back Vegeta’s Kakarrot issues activated. The whole thing was doomed to go to hell the moment Goku appeared.

The Son Goku Rescue Plan!! Pan sneaks into their hideout and finds some robot parts. She disguises herself as a robot to further infiltrate the compound. Her identity is uncovered, and she is forced to fight one of the members of the Sigma Force. Real robots are revealed to have the power to walk through walls, and this Sigma Force robot uses that to his advantage.

Giru has uploaded fighting data on Goku, Trunks, and Pan into the other robots, which gives them the upper hand. Angry at Giru’s betrayal, Pan explodes with furious rage, and destroys her opponent. Meanwhile, Goku wakes up and breaks out of his containment chamber. Pan then breaks in, and is knocked in. There, they find that Giru has stolen the Dragon Balls.

Vegeta & Bulma (How it Happened)

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