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UlquiHime, for those who love a good case of Stockholm Syndrome. There’s also GrimmHime as well. Not to mention Ishigo and Ichida and another ‘easy’ round of “guess the pairing”. It usually goes by the code name IchiIshi, though. Damn you, The Prince of Tennis fandom. So many of these, and we haven’t even gotten to all the freaking ” insert cutesy adjective Pair ” ones. Loads and Loads of Characters , loads and loads of pairings, and hence loads and loads of this.

When do Brittany and Santana start dating

Santana and her friends, cheerleaders Quinn Fabray Dianna Agron and Brittany Pierce Heather Morris , join the school glee club , New Directions, because Quinn wants to keep an eye on her boyfriend Finn Hudson Cory Monteith ; cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester Jane Lynch then enlists the three of them to help her destroy the glee club from the inside. Brittany also reveals in an offhand comment that she and Santana have slept together.

When the two are accused of giving Sue the New Directions set list for their first show choir competition, Santana defends herself and admits that she has come to enjoy participating in the club. At Sue’s behest, Santana and Brittany go on a date with Finn, who is now the glee club co-captain. Alarmed, Santana claims that she was only sleeping with Brittany because Puck was temporarily unavailable.

May 11,  · Title: Kurt and Blaine Author: Rebecka Pairing: Kurt/Blaine Rating: Very PG – VPG Spoiler: Some of the scenes in Prom Queen. Extract: Blaine’s hand found his. “Kurt,” his boyfriend’s voice was as calm and dreamy as ever, “I really admire what you did tonight.”.

Dani’s first scene is a talk with Santana about her parents negative view on Dani being a lesbian and her fight with them which lead to her leaving home. Santana tells Dani that her grandmother wasn’t ok with Santan’s sexualty either, and about her ex-girlfriend. After the talk, Dani starts acting very flirty towards Santana. Dani tells Santana that she likes to stay at the diner to watch the sunrise and invites Santana to watch it too. Santana stays with Dani and then they perform Here Comes the Sun , which ends with them at Dani’s house where they say goodbye and share a first kiss.

Dani gets excited when Kurt announces that he is starting his own band and she asks if girls are allowed to join. He says yes as he wanted Rachel, Dani and Santana to join as it will save him the agony of having auditions. Dani and Santana agree to join while Rachel declines later on joins. Santana agrees as long as they get to help with the setlist and have a say in who joins. At the auditions, Dani asks how long do they have to wait here and she playes the guitar when the only person who signed up, Starchild, performs Marry the Night by Lady Gaga.

In the next scene, Dani is seen at the loft with Kurt, Santana and Starchild trying to come up with a name for the band. She suggests the name “The Nipslips” but the name was shot down by Kurt. Rachel jokingly came up with the band name “Pamela Lansbury” and all of them agreed. They then perform Roar together as a band.

Those Warblers (Glee Fanfic)

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Pairings: Kurt/Rachel/Santana (established Pezberry with Kurt/Rachel and Kurt/Santana) Summary: Newly single Kurt Hummel feels lonely and unsexy after his breakup. Girlfriends Santana Lopez and Rachel Berry go above and beyond to prove him wrong.

Rachel and Finn commonly known as Finchel are a couple on Glee, and are o Finchel!!!!! In the first half of season one, Rachel had a crush on him, beginning when he joined the Glee Club. He returned these feelings, but was unable to date her to do his pregnant girlfriend, Quinn however, he is not the father like he thinks he is; the real father is his best friend, Puck. Rachel tries to pursue Finn many times, and fails.

In her last attempt, she finds out about Quinn’s baby’s biological father, and tells Finn, resulting him in breaking up with Quinn, and later going out with Rachel though he still has feelings for Quinn. Finn is unhappy in the relationship, and breaks up with Rachel to find his “inner rockstar. Later, she meets Jesse St. James at a music store, and the two begin to date. Unfortunately, Finn had just realized how much he truly loved Rachel, and tries to get her back.

Later, in the Power of Madonna, Jesse tries to pursue Rachel to have sex, and she declines. However, she later tells him that she’s ready after he apologizes for his behavior.

Santana Lopez

Edit Jesse makes a shocking return in the episode Prom Queen. He interrupts her after she sings the first two lines, and they continue the song as a duet. When they finish singing Rachel asks Jesse what he was doing there and he says he was kicked out of college for not attending his classes and that he also wanted to see Rachel. He goes to the prom with Rachel, Sam, and Mercedes as friends.

Blaine (Darren Criss) and Karofsky (Max Adler) Remember when Blaine moved back to Ohio and started dating the guy who made his ex-fiancé’s high school experience a living hell, then flaunted.

What will happen when Rachel and Quinn have to spend seven minutes alone together in a closet Rated M for ridiculously good grammar and punctuation, language and smutty goodness. Several years later, Rachel returns to Lima and has forgotten about the kiss and Lucy. Someone is going to make him an offer he can’t refuse, even if it feels like dealing with the devil.

This story will be finished as written The other SoG will be renamed and changed. Harry Potter – Rated: T – English – Adventure – Chapters: She spent all her life hiding who she really was. Got involved with her best friend to make sure he didn’t leave. Now ten years later the result of that relationship comes looking for his birth mother Once Upon a Time – Rated: M – English – Romance – Chapters: Prepare for Glee 2.

Waiting [5/7]

Rated T for Language. Bad at summaries Glee – Rated: Before the Fame by Tabula Rah-Suh reviews Basking in the glamour and privilege of fame, Santana and Rachel’s worlds collide after years of estrangement.

When Santana attempts to go at Rachel, when Rachel attempts to take over Glee Club, (due to Mr. Schue’s absence) Sam grabs her by the waist with the rest of New Direcitons, stopping her from going Lima Heights at Rachel.

Rated M for all the right reasons, and basically all fluff like the first one. Please read and review! Will Quinn get away with hurting Rachel? Will Kurt grow a conscience? What else could happen to the Glee club in their second year. Puckleberry shipping with Glee friendships. I do not own any of the characters and they are slightly OOC but it works for the story.

faberrittana fanfiction

Elle prend les vitamines que donne Terri avec les autres filles dans ” Vitamine D “. Dans ” Que la honte soit avec toi “, elle se montre jalouse lorsque Puck chante pour Rachel. Elle semble pourtant sortir avec Matt: Dans ” La musique adoucit les moeurs “, Santana tire au sort Brittany comme partenaire pour chanter une balade et semble heureuse. Elle sera heureuse que le Club obtienne un an de plus. Furieuse, Santana va voir Quinn et la gifle.

Title: Jello (Is It Me You’re Looking For?) Author: freezer_bulb Rating: NC Length: ~ Spoilers: Absolutely none. I don’t even know where in the show this is would even take place. If I had to guess it would be like, season one or two.

Involving the club and the Cosmic Cube. As their memories come back, more and more of the club get these. Mercedes manages to manifest them when under stress. How We Got Here: Around 16 chapters involve the club slowly discovering the events that led up to the current situation. Inverted by Blaine and Lauren.

Rachel Elizabeth Dare

Grid View List View Manhood Faberrittana For the majority of practice, Coach Sylvester barked out a series of insults as the girls ran lap after lap around the track. That woman had enough insults in that twisted head of hers to last her the rest of her unnatural life, those of which could bring the newbies to a nervous breakdown in a matter of seconds.

Quinn looked at her and Brittany, mostly to make sure that both of them were okay. The three made their way out of the locker room pinky to pinky…to pinky. Glaring at anyone that dared to look their way. Except of course Brittany, who kind of just smiled at all the onlookers.

Listen hot stuff is a glee fanfiction about my favorite ship, puck and santana. Why do i love those two? Simply because they look amazingly cute togheter and because in my head, mark and naya are dating .

They stayed there, sitting about a meter away, not talking. He was watching her. He was in fact, starring at her. Waiting for a little movement, anything that would break this unbearable silence. It took a while before any of them did anything. Puck was the first one to move. He slid himself so he would be closer to Santana. She turned her head to see him and he smiled.

He was just so close, so hot, so… puck. Puck moved a bit closer, touching his leg to hers — Puck… He hushed her with his finger and kissed her gently. She pushed him away, a tear running down on her cheek. He was actually bad for her. Puck was just a mischievous guy and she was tired of the drama. Puck had a hard time taken that in.


She currently hosts the spirit of the Oracle of Delphi. Contents [ show ] History It is mentioned that Rachel’s hamster had died when she was six, which had resulted in her family calling Dr. Arkwright , a therapist, to help her get over her hamster’s death. It is also implied that Rachel had a rocky relationship with her father, Mr. Dare , even before Percy Jackson met her. Dare is a highly accomplished businessman.

Santana Lopez is a fictional character from the Fox musical comedy-drama series Glee. The character is portrayed by actress Naya Rivera, and has appeared in Glee .

But it was worse than he expected, much worse. His classmates, family and friends write a series of letters to him while he is unconscious. Sequel to 22 Letters and Notes, and a Song. Now that Kurt is awake, his doctor has insisted he see a psychologist. In the course of these sessions, he learns more about himself and those he loves. Will involved characters from both Dalton and McKinley. And 1 time they found out Blaine was. Fill for the GleeAngstMeme. Involves pregnant Klaine at McKinley.

A mix between fluff, crack, and angst. When Kurt tries to educate himself on how to be sexy, he runs into someone unexpected. Adult content as well as language.

GLEE- Brittany and Santana’s first kissing scene

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