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Part of that is me being on Twitter, wrecking my long term IQ with short term dopamine hits. But man, those dopamine hits are good. So anyway, one of the places I rely most recently for commentary is the online mag The Diplomat. Lots of Indians shitting on China there, which is funny. Yesterday I took a look at their feed and they had this tweet, which I found hilarious. Using education to make Japan great again?: But I was mistaken.

Mexico City

The first fact to become apparent was a marked Jewish over-representation in the production of books deemed controversial or perverse by parents, schools, and other institutions. Jews are notoriously shy of the census, but are probably somewhere between the 2. A great deal of Jewish radical activism in the cultural sphere comes under the umbrella of the general relationship between Jews and the Left.

This relationship can historically be understood as involving Jewish innovation of, or support for, social, cultural, and political causes likely to weaken the cultural structures of the host society and make it more amenable to Jewish interests.

The Spanish Civil War was fought from 17 July to 1 April between the Republicans, who were loyal to the democratically elected Spanish Republic, and the Nationalists, a rebel group led by General Francisco Franco.

Chile William Blum, Killing Hope: Common Courage Press, s An American Sacrifice] pages. Allende’s Leftist Regime “I don’t see why we need to stand by and watch a country go communist due to the irresponsibility of its people. The centrist agreements of the past, which had enabled presidents to navigate a difficult course of compromise and conciliation, became more difficult to attain.

The American Central Intelligence Agency had influenced elections in Chile dating back to , but in the socialist candidate, a physician named Salvador Allende, was elected president. In a reflection of Chile’s increased ideological polarization, Allende was elected president with Unable or unwilling to form coalitions, the left, center, and right had all nominated their own candidates in the mistaken hope of obtaining a majority.

The Allende experiment enjoyed a triumphant first year, followed by two disastrous final years. According to the Popular Unity [ Unidad Popular – UP] coalition , Chile was being exploited by parasitic foreign and domestic capitalists. The government therefore moved quickly to socialize the economy, taking over the copper mines, other foreign firms, oligopolistic industries, banks, and large estates.

By a unanimous vote of Congress in , the government totally nationalized the foreign copper firms, which were mainly owned by two United States companies, Kennecott and Anaconda. The nationalization measure was one of the few bills Allende ever got through the opposition- controlled legislature, where the Christian Democrats constituted the largest single party.

Socialization of the means of production spread rapidly and widely.

Evacuation of children in the Spanish Civil War

Guatemala became independent in All these countries gained their independence from Spain. Quetzal — the national bird of Guatemala.

Leftist Mythology of the Spanish Civil War By Bruce Walker Seventy-five years ago today, on July 17, , Francisco Franco led the Army of Africa against the Popular Front government in Madrid.

Email Last Updated May 19, 9: Now the Unicef name will grace the butt of every Barca player , and that symbolism tells you all you need to know about the dominance of sponsor money in football. Facebook Favors Manchester United Over Barcelona in Champions League A football shirt design can seem trivial, but this is Barcelona, one of the biggest sport brands on the planet. Not helping matters are the recent allegations that Qatar bribed some of the FIFA judges to get the World Cup; and that Qatar will likely lose money by hosting the tournament.

It’s all anathema to Barcelona, a club that is owned by its fans and has a leftist tradition dating back to the Spanish Civil War. Barcelona has literally and metaphorically sold out because the club has the same economic problems everyone else does — crushing debt caused by spiraling player acquisition costs. The club’s marketing director, Laurent Colette, recently told the French media that Barca may have had to do the unthinkable — sell Lionel Messi, the best football player in the world — if it had not taken the Qatari money: But if we did not have this sponsorship, we would have had to sell.

Johan Cruyff, a Barcelona legend who played for the club between and , has repeatedly condemned the Qatar sponsorship, most recently in the Spanish press: We have sold this uniqueness for about six per cent of our budget. I understand that we are currently losing more than we are earning. However, by selling the shirt it shows me that we are not being creative, and that we have become vulgar. Commercial revenues, from shirt sales and such, are becoming a bigger part of football economics, but shirt sales are not guaranteed.

At Manchester United, shirt sales slipped 10 percent when fans launched a boycott protest over the club’s indebted American ownership.

The Spanish Republic and Civil War

Now his son has returned to the scenes of some of the war’s worst atrocities for a new TV documentary. Here, he argues that Spain’s attempts to resolve its grim past by exhuming mass graves will bring only misery and danger. A few minutes’ journey from the Costa del Sol beaches where British sun-worshippers stretch out their bodies in rows, there is a more macabre spectacle.

At a cemetery in Malaga they are unearthing lines of corpses.

Abstract 1. Inspired by forensic exhumations that have occurred in the context of transitional justice processes elsewhere, Spanish civil society associations since have helped relatives of the disappeared locate, exhume and honor those who were killed in the Spanish Civil War and the ensuing Francisco Franco dictatorship.

Why the Spanish Revolution Today? The Spanish Revolution was, in light of this history, the richest and deepest social revolution of the twentieth century. Catalonia in was more broadly industrial than Russia in , and the Catalan, Aragonese and Levantine peasants who formed collectives in mostly supported the revolution wholeheartedly, in contrast to the grudging support of the Russian peasants for the Bolsheviks, as the little-loved but lesser evil to the Whites.

This experience and its implications have not been fully absorbed by the contemporary revolutionary left. Spain was the supreme historical test for anarchism, which it failed, in the same way that Russia was, to date, the supreme test of, at least, Leninism, if not of Marxism itself. But dealing critically with contemporary anarchism is hardly my main concern[ 5 ] except by ricochet from the failures of anarchism in Spain. The real lessons for today of the Spanish Revolution of —39 are at least twofold: The revolution was lost both in the gradual destruction of the workers and peasant collectives and in the replacement of the initial armed militias and urban patrols by a traditional army and police forces.

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Indigenous peoples The CIA worked with the contras to train and arm two forces made up of the indigenous Miskito community. Both of these groups, however, agreed to cease fighting with the Sandinista government in Harris , 7. Even though the United States attempted to totally alienate Nicaragua, many other countries offered assistance. Type of Environmental Problem:

in the Spanish Civil War – The Spanish Civil War broke out with a military uprising in Morocco on July 17, triggered by events in Madrid. In the early days of the war, over 50, people who were caught on the side of the lines were summarily executed.

Bring fact-checked results to the top of your browser search. In marked contrast to poor colonias, the more-prosperous neighbourhoods have all the benefits and services of a city in a developed country, including piped running water, electricity, telephone service, paved streets, and regular garbage collection. Supermarkets and stores provide all of the basic necessities.

Luxurious malls, dance clubs, and theatres provide nightly entertainment, especially on weekends. The wealthy can also obtain government services more readily, although populist and leftist politicians have built a significant base of support among the lower classes and university students. Government Mexico City is the seat of the federal government, and local and national politics intertwine there like nowhere else in Mexico.

In addition, chilangos elect a proportion of deputies representatives and senators to the national Congress. Scattered throughout the city are headquarters and offices for all of the federal executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government. Mexico City and the Federal District are constitutionally defined as one and the same.

Their shared area has gradually increased since the mid th century and is now subdivided into 16 delegaciones, or administrative areas, similar to boroughs: Many administrative functions are centralized, but other powers are divided among the delegaciones.

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The countryside is in open revolt, and the army is powerless to suppress it. In Colombian history and culture, the killings are known as La Violencia The Violence, —58 ; most of the people killed were peasants and laborers in rural Colombia. The Liberal and the Conservative parties agreed to alternate in the exercise of government power by presenting a joint National Front candidate to each election and restricting the participation of other political movements.

HIST Ch. STUDY. PLAY. Why was the Civil war considered a turning point in American history? a. Factories could now be built in the South b. The South was able to stay separated from the Union After the Spanish-American War, the United States gained the following possessions: a. Hawaii, Panama, and Colombia b. Philippines.

Japan imposed colonial rule over Korea from to With Japan on the verge of defeat in World War II, two young American army officers drew an arbitrary line across Korea at the 38th parallel, creating an American zone in the south and a Soviet zone in the north. Both South and North Korea became repressive regimes. In South Korea, the United States built up a police force and constabulary and backed the authoritarian leader Syngman Rhee, who created a police state.

By partisan warfare had enveloped the whole of South Korea, which in turn became enmeshed in civil war between South and North Korea. In North Korea, the government of Kim II-Sung arrested and imprisoned student and church leaders, and gunned down protesters on November 23, Christians as well as business and land owners faced with the confiscation of their property began fleeing to the South. Army counter-intelligence corps organized paramilitary commandos to carry out sabotage missions in the North, a factor accounting for the origins of the war.

Sixteen nations supplied troops although the vast majority came from the United States and South Korea. The three-year Korean War resulted in the deaths of three to four million Koreans, produced million refugees, and destroyed over 8, factories, 5, schools, 1, hospitals and , homes. Over 36, American soldiers died in the war.

Costa Rican Civil War

Without a doubt, the hard left continues to mobilize and escalate at every turn. Furthermore, the rabble rousers show no sign of throttling-back. But sticks, concrete-filled soda cans and other violence certainly has deadly potential. This week, the inflammatory rhetoric kept ramping up, overtly encouraging deadly violence. A Huffington Post contributor wishes the violent resistance like the attempted assassination of Republicans was more organized.

The intolerable events in Charlottesville bring new urgency to an old debate:

The Spanish revolution, past and future: grandeur and poverty of anarchism; how the working class takes over (or doesn’t), then and now – Loren Goldner Detailed account and analysis of anarchism in the Spanish civil war and revolution by left communist Loren Goldner.

Hohenlohe Regiment of France during the Bourbon Restoration. There is to this day a Mahal program in the Israeli army. For more information, see: Waffen-SS foreign volunteers and conscripts Tercio de Extranjeros, or Tercio, or Spanish Legion – prior to and in the s, after the abandonment of conscription, the Spanish Army is again accepting foreigners from select nationalities.

The Legion today accepts male and female native Spanish speakers, mostly from Central American and South American states. Recruits are required to have a valid Spanish residence permit. During the nineteenth century the US Army made extensive use of foreign soldiers, particularly Irish and German. However, many if not most non-American troops in the United States armed forces are usually seeking the expedited United States citizenship that comes with completion of a term of service, and can be seen as aspiring Americans rather than outright foreigners.

International Freedom Battalion – An armed group of leftist foreign volunteers that fight in support of the Rojava Revolution in Syria.

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