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Ive got a few tips for everyone. I was one of the first people to buy this tank and i loved it. Ive got the superpersh and ive got the t and this nice thing and if i would need to choose between am i would take the p8,8. My equipment is enhanced gun laying drive because of the Bad aimtime,rammer and vents. And with this u r the deadly sniper of doom. The p88 got great camos ratings and the besteht accuarity of all Tier 8 prems. Additional to this its got a pretty nice penetration for a Tier 8 medium just as the Panther 2.

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From that day forward, the tank became an important piece of weaponry which every major power in the world developed and deployed over the following century. From the fields of Western Europe to the Russian steppe, tanks were integral to how armies fought the Second World War. From the Sinai Peninsula and Golan Heights to the border region shared by Iraq and Iran, the Middle East has seen some of the largest tank battles of the past 50 years.

As with any military weapon, the major powers of the world have continued an arms race involving tank production since that September day during World War One. Tank developers have pushed the limits of technology in an attempt to achieve the highest rating in the three most important tank characteristics: Of course, pushing to have the best protected, fastest and most powerful tank costs considerable money.

World of Tanks Blitz is the Free-to-Play PvP hit that puts commanders against each other in 7-vs-7 tank combat, with over unique vehicles to master from Germany, Japan, .

The Panther mit 8. Many will say that this is just a lazy attempt by the developers to squeeze money from people since it is pretty much a mash up of tanks we already have. Does the Panther mit 8. I hope to answer this by breaking down the Panther mit 8. Video Overview Firepower The Panther mit 8. Unlike most premium tanks however the premium Panther actually has the better gun in this case over its standard counterpart in several areas, which for a premium tank is very unusual.

Going with the trend the premium Panther also has a 2. To top things off the Panther mit 8. As evident by the stats above the Panther mit 8. Add on top the better accuracy and aiming time and the Panther mit 8. Below are two images showing the differences between the Panther 8. As you can see the premium Panther mit 8. The Panther II in the armor department wins by a huge margin and the premium Panther mit 8. Mobility Another difference between the two Panthers comes with the mobility of each vehicle.

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In Panzer Corps the tank is one of the most useful and versatile units – powerful, well protected and mobile. They can strike deep into enemy territory, outflanking and bypassing fortified spots, destroying vulnerable support units like artillery and anti-air guns and preventing an organized defence and disrupting an enemy build up behind the main front line. They are also useful for protecting more vulnerable offensive units, like artillery and infantry, from enemy counter attacks.

However, attacking entrenched infantry in close terrain with tanks is usually not a good idea – even the strongest tanks may take heavy casualties in these combat. Strategic role[ edit edit source ] In keeping with history and the game’s title, tanks are your principal fighting force. They can’t win the war alone, but properly supported they are an incredibly powerful force.

Download deh0mbre’s Panther Veteran for World of Tanks on the official website of WoT. Play your way.

Should get premium matchmaking. As stated by WarGaming the Panther mit 8. But when compaired with the various other Panthers. It seems to not have much of an advantage over either of them. It turms faster, it’s got a faster turning turret, a hair more accuracy, and a tad better rate of fire than the Panther II, and Panther. But it’s slower than both of them, it has the worst HP per ton of both of them, and It’s armor is worse than the Tier 7 Panther! It’s gun has less than average pen for an elite Tier 8 tank.

And it’s radio range is only about m. People say they have been struggling with the Panther II itself in tiers 8, 9, and And the Panther mit 8. I don’t feel it was all that worth the cash. And it does get premium matchmaking? If the Panther mit 8.

Panther II

Added the new winter map, “Glacier”. Changes to the Graphics and Effects The new water has been added to all maps; now it varies: Added new effects on all maps: Added realistic shell tracers.

World of Tanks es un juego multijugador masivo de acción en línea basado en el equipo dedicado a la guerra acorazada. Sumérjase en épicas batallas de tanques de la Segunda Guerra Mundial con otros vaqueros de acero de todo el mundo.

Let’s quickly sum up the potential bad sides: The costs of creating such a vehicle are kept to a minimum. By the way, a friend told me that he believes at this moment Wargaming is in the cost-cutting phase, eg. Oh yes, and the second FV b with a remodelled turret. Looks like Wargaming has gone eco friendly and is into recycling right now: When you look at the 8.

Early Access: Panther mit L/71

Matchmaking Matchmaking The composition of tanks in each team is a task of matchmaker. It works in following manner. It takes one tank from the queue and looks at his tier. For example it is IS – russian heavy with tier 7.

The Panther is able to fulfill it’s role as a sniper/flanker in a T10 game. The penetration is on par or better with many other T8 meds (looking at you T!), it’s at least reasonable mobile and has a good health pool for it’s level.

This tank has an even thicker armor, a whole lot of health points, which puts it at a par with heavy tanks, and also a great 8. Unfortunately, this vehicle still has the majority of its predecessor’s flaws, like the modules that are susceptible to damage or the low mobility. The new cannon provides you with way more options in the battlefield – thanks to the nearly doubled damage, you can easily damage, or even destroy heavier tanks, and the penetration value of the cannon will allow you to pierce nearly any armor in the game.

Development, equipment, crew The development of the Panther II is to be started with mounting the 7. The next step is developing a better suspension, which will allow you to use the Maybach HL TRM P30 engine, which you have unlocked earlier with the Pz. V Panther or the VK Now, you can improve on the turret and, finally, develop the ultimate 8. Then, brothers in arms for the entire crew.


The Panzerkampfwagen Tiger Ausf. As the name suggests, the Tiger II was a successor to the Tiger I, taking what the first Tiger tank offered and improving upon its designs. Development of the Tiger II started in with a request for a new tank design. This resuled in Henschel winning the design contract. The German transportation company proposed a conventional hull design coupled with the sloped style of armor common on the Panther.

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The fixes described below are not final. This past May saw us test changes to the KV Had they proven agreeable, they would have been applied to other preferential tanks. As the feedback and testing showed, the reason you take these tanks into battle or bring them into your garage in the first place is their preferential status and unique characteristics.

In response to your comments, we went back to the drawing board to work on another round of adjustments. Tanks with preferential status are likely to get matched into two or one-tier battles, where their status combined with combat parameters does more harm than good. Improve the experience for preferential tanks while keeping the preferential matchmaking parameter and their unique characteristics intact. All-around vehicle rebalances on a tank-by-tank basis combined with matchmaker rule revision.

As a side note, regular Tier VIII vehicles face a similar issue with matchmaking, amplified by the fact that they also compete against Tier X tanks.

World of Tanks – Panther 88 Tier 8 Premium Tank

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